Texas Docs Care

Connecting Texans to local doctors during Hurricane Harvey recovery with the click of a button.


Texas Docs Care is here to help Texans access ER doctors following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey

As Houston recovers from Hurricane Harvey, we know roads will be impassible and doctors offices will likely be closed for some time. We want to make sure the damage from the storm doesn't mean Texans are cut off from the medical attention they might need.

To that end, UT Southwestern Medical Center is partnering with CirrusMD to offer free access to UT Southwestern doctors via text message on the CirrusMD app.

With Texas Docs Care, Texans will be able to download the CirrusMD app and send a secure text message, share images, or video chat with a local doctor on a computer or mobile deviceā€”at no cost!

Need a prescription refilled? Feeling sick? Medical equipment damaged or left behind in the storm? Can't reach your doctor? Want to avoid long waits in the ER? UT Southwestern doctors can answer all your questions from 8am to 8pm.

Register for Texas Docs Cares today so you can talk to a doctor any time from anywhere.

Once you've registered, download the app and start messaging today.

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